"Sian Ka'an" (Gate to heaven) is a magical place which teaches us that the earth is a miracle,

it shows us different water colors between blue and green, and gives us the opportunity to interact with environments outside of everyday life and urban areas and makes us aware that the most beautiful places and spectacles are produced and directed by mother nature.

The access to Sian Ka'an is complicated because the road is rudimentary, it is highly recommended to go by jeep to avoid problems with city cars that are not suitable for this type of terrain.

JEEP SAFARI SIAN KA'AN Tour gives you the opportunity to drive your own Jeep and the security that only specially trained guides and experienced captains of the area will work together in order to give you the best experience in this marvelous place.

An extra space is contemplated in case of any eventuality. Punta Allen is at the end of the reserve, a fishing village where you can board a boat with the native captains. The most beautiful of Sian Ka'an are the Black Lagoon, mangroves, bird watching. You can enjoy seeing dolphins, turtles and starfish, doing snorkel in the coral reef that remains intact by the collateral damage of man and his famous natural pool called Blanquizal. JEEP SAFARI SIAN KA'AN gives you all the tools and equipment you need to go to Sian Ka'an. It offers the best staff including photographers, biologists and native captains. Just bring your personal things such as swimming suit,a towel, biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent (also biodegradable in order to avoid the pollution of the biosphere) and a camera.

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Sian Ka'an which in Spanish means "Gift from Heaven" is a protected natural area in the state of Quintana Roo, Sian Kaan is the place for those who wish to live an extreme adventure deeper into the dense vegetation of the area, sea and lagoon.
Thanks to our expert guides will visit the more than 650mil hectares Sian kaan, you know places like Boca Paila and Punta Allen; where will approach us to see dolphins, sea turtles, starfish and wild birds living in Sian Kaan.

A day that you will remember forever

  • Transportation not included in the tour price (9 USD)
  • Vehicle for 4 people from the base of Tulum
  • Certified guides in your own language
  • Road trip to Punta Allen in supervised caravan
  • Stop at Boca Paila (junction Laguna y Mar)
  • Boat approach
  • Visit to natural pool and mangrove sighting
  • Sighting of dolphins, turtles and wild birds
  • Refreshment in Restaurant in Punta Allen in front of the sea
  • Snorkelling on the coral reef
  • Photos and fun natural pool, Blanquizal
  • Lunch buffet (variety of fresh foods in restaurant facing the sea)
  • Punta Allen Tour
  • Navigation by lagoon to vehicles
  • Return by the way to the base in Tulum
  • Transportation to the lobby of your hotel (From Cancun and Puerto Morelos 25 USD more per pax)

The Sian Ka'an tour includes:

  • Vehicle for 4 people.
  • Insurance for cars and passengers
  • .
  • Guides certified in your Language (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Russian, German and Dutch)
  • Boat and captain of the Sian Ka'an Native Cooperative.
  • Tour by sea and lagoon. Visit to mangroves and natural pool.
  • Sighting of dolphins, turtles and wild birds and many other wild species.
  • Snorkel and his team.
  • Food and drinks.

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